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Travel, Views and Loos

Before I met Mr G, I had had very few holidays abroad and only one as an adult – well, naive fresh faced 18 year old let loose without supervision for two weeks. Having discovered the disposable income that came with being employed and having my older and more experienced new boyfriend to accompany me, suddenly the world was accessible.

We have been to a few countries now, and try to add a new one every year. We aim to get a new experience or visit somewhere exciting – Chichen Itza in Mexico, safari travelling in Kenya – if we can. And along with children has come family holidays, home and abroad, camping and hotels.

So I intend to try and add some reviews and thoughts over the places we have been, if I can remember that far back, and add to it as new experiences come along. Partly and hopefully for your entertainment, but also as a journal for myself.

Take a look through the menu on the right to see the various reviews, opinions and general commentary.

Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts. Have you been there too? Any good recommendations for places to go and sights to see? Throw them in the mix.

2 thoughts on “Travel, Views and Loos

  1. hi, i’ve written a comment about your “children at a wedding” post and enjoyed your writing, so now i’m a follower. i travel quite a lot with my best friend of 60 years, Nancy. we’re always on our way somewhere. you obviously are much younger than i am, but thought you might enjoy a cruise, if you haven’t been on one yet. start with a short one 3-4 days and you’ll soon find yourself wanting longer, i’m sure. several of my blogs are about ‘TRAVELING CHEAPLY” and/or contain lots of info on cruises. cruising is good for the entire family, especially mommy. unpack once and take as much as you want with you. food, 24 hr. room service (free) , entertainment, and visiting different ports all included in one reasonable price. don’t know how old your children are but there’s something (all day if you want- and usually what they want) for every age from the real little ones, to the teen night clubs.

    i sound like a cruise director, i’m not, just a person who enjoys this type of vacation. Nan and I are going to Italy in April, we’re taking a re-positioning cruise from Tampa, Florida to Barcelona, Spain for 15 days, then we remain on the same ship as it goes through the med. sea for another 12 days. we stop at stop at about 14 places in 5 different countries. 27 days on the ship, and a few days in venice and in london a total of 33 days, every thing covered for about $2,800 each. not bad, i would say for seeing all those ports, countries, entertainment, food, and cabin. we fly home from london.

    hope you think about it.

    WHATEVER WORKS.. normandie

    • I am so sorry, I missed your comment. Actually I have been on a cruise once, a week round the Med. I went with my mother on an out of season cruise so it was pretty chilly, I have some great video of the water in the pool sloshing over the sides in the waves. It was fun, but that was before I had kids. Mine are too small and unaware of the dangers to take on a ship yet, I would be scared of them climbing over the sides! 🙂

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