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The problem with a seesaw

The sun came out today – a beautiful, warm and still day. The first one we have seen for months. Maybe over a year, if my memory of last summer (rain, grey rain) is correct. So I had to take a day off – a benefit of being self-employed!

Of course, a day off for a working mum doesn’t actually mean a day of relaxing. It means a day of catching up on the other jobs that are waiting. Like cleaning out the chicken house.


Still, I decided next on the list was to put together the seesaw Sackgirl was given for her birthday. Give me a flat pack, a diagram and a tiny allen key and I can put together anything!

I may have spotted a snag . . .

I may have spotted a snag
I may have spotted a snag

Of course, there is one major problem with a seesaw. No matter how well put together . . .

It does take two!
It does take two!

You do need two!

Poor BotBoy was not very pleased with his first try on the new toy. Luckily his sister came home not too long after, so they could test it out properly.

A seesaw is built for two!
A seesaw is built for two!

Did you get any sunshine today? What did you do?




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Where has that green coat gone?

I feel like I have been MIA recently, not having blogged as much as I would like. But MIA is a bit of a misnomer, because there has been a lot of action happening, just not here in my blog world.

A few weeks ago I took in some work for a new client. It was meant to be a temporary thing while they were snowed under, but their back log seems to be growing, which means the paper tsunami just keeps on flooding my way.

All this is great of course. Work = money. However work also takes time. In the last five weeks I have not been the gym, ironed any clothes or done any coursework.

The benefit of all this concentrated working is that suddenly I am having to develop someorganisational skills. If I don’t vacuum daily we would be knee deep in a new dog hair carpet. Not to mention, if I ignore the kitchen for more than 12 hours the dog and children start fighting over who gets to eat out of the last clean bowl. (Not Mr G, he knows as well as I do that eating straight from the saucepan is much more efficient! Pre-children we had a lot of experience in that.)

I also have to fit in the essentials like dog walks and school runs. This morning was a great example of my new found efficiency. I got up and dressed the kids whilst simultaneously sorting the washing into piles, vacuumed whilst feeding them breakfast and cleaned the kitchen whilst checking emails. Of course, now I have milk on my iPad, I may have emailed a query about this weeks school fair to my client and when I pick up the washing pile there will be a patch of hairy carpet where I went around it with the hoover, but at a glance the place looks under control.

Then I dropped MM1 at school, MM2 at the grandparents, went for a dose of torture (electrolysis – a whole other post), got home, power walked the usual hour long dog walk in 28 minutes, collected MM2, got home again, did the banking and . . .

However, in the last 5 weeks one thought does keep occurring . . . MM1 had a lovely and not too cheap green school coat. She definitely wore it on the last day of the Easter term. I’m fairly sure she would have come home in it, but we have not seen it since.

Every morning this week, since term started, I have thought about that green coat. I have added it to the list of ‘things I should find when I have 5 minutes’.  It must be in the house somewhere, which means if I get time to clean up properly I should find it, right?

What worries me now is, while that green coat is festering away somewhere, squashed sandwiches in one pocket and melted easter eggs solidifying in the other, when I eventually do come across it, what else I might find!


Little moments that make it all worthwhile

My little boy and I have a ‘thing’. When the Little Einsteins comes on the TV, it’s a team effort to get Rocket up off the ground and off on their rescue of the day.

(Seriously, this will mean nothing to you if you have not see it!)

This morning I was sitting in my study working away, when in sprinted my son in a state of excitement. “Quick mummy, it’s starting.”

I run through the to living room, we start to clap along to the opening credits together. Once that has finished, the wee man gives me a push. “Go mummy. Work.”

Obediently I go back to work, a little sad that he knows already that I can’t stay and play with him. I keep an ear out though, because once they know their mission, Leo, June, Quincy and Annie climb aboard Rocket and I need to go back to help get them off the ground.

“Pat, pat, pat, pat” shouts Leo. My little boy and I are patting our laps as fast as we can, he is bouncing on the sofa in excitement.

“Now raise your hands in the air as high as you can,” commands Leo, “and shout blast off.”

‘Blast off!’ we yell. Arms wide, we ‘aeroplane’ around the room. My son is giggling hysterically.

These are the moments that make working from home worthwhile.