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Spring is in the air – it is, it is!

I couldn't see the chickens this morning

I couldn’t see the chickens this morning










So apparently it’s Spring. At this time of the year the grass is green, the flowers are sprouting –

I looked everywhere for a clue.

In the chicken run.


The chickens were not convinced

The chickens were not convinced












The chickens were not convinced.

So I searched on through the trees.

Trees, laden with spring snow?

Trees, laden with spring snow?












The trees did not seem to be budding in a particularly spring like fashion.

I look on into the field.

Is that grass I see before me?

Is that grass I see before me?












I almost tripped over the Mini




















But at last I found some signs that Spring is really here!




Bring a smile to a face today

I am feeling totally in love with the world today.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I am uber-excited about our secret getaway we have planned.

Secondly, I am really happy to get some delightful feedback and comments by some lovely people on my blog. I don’t have many readers, but I cherish every one of you and love getting to know you all better.

Thirdly, the sun is out. Ok, it is cold, there is frost on the grass and I had to scrape ice off the windscreen this morning. But the sun is out and it is a beautiful day. I am a Leo, which could explain why I love sunshine so much. It doesn’t have to be hot, although I love to be warm too.

Take today for example. The sunshine is sparkling along the frosty branches of our willow tree, making the dangling fronds glisten like a beautiful chandelier. The sky is a light, crisp blue. Snowdrops are showing along the pathways and soon the daffodils will be out for Easter. New growth is everywhere. It’s like the whole world took a breath today and said ‘Let Spring begin!’

Here I am sitting in my office with this beautiful view, by my nice warm radiator and listening to the delightful sound of squeals and giggles from Mini Monster 1 and her cousins playing in the next room. There are rainbows sailing around the room, courtesy of my rainbow maker. It’s a good day and I feel like smiling.

The sun is shining on the willow - the view from my office.

The sun is shining on the willow – the view from my office.



The thing is, I love to smile. I love to make other people smile too. Cuddling my babies makes me smile. Tickling their tummies and blowing raspberries in their necks makes them smile and giggle, which in turn makes everyone who can hear them smile too. A smile is infectious.

Try it.

Smile at a complete stranger as you interact with them today. When you are paying for your coffee, smile when you thank the waitress. As you open the door for the old lady behind you, smile as you say ‘After you.’ I bet they smile back. Smiling is infectious and just using those smiley muscles in your face makes you feel better inside.

I love to give presents too. I love to get them of course – take my rainbow maker. Such a simple thing given to me by a friend. Not for a special occasion, but just to brighten my office and make me smile. And it does!

My mum will be here soon to stay with us for a few days. I have her Christmas present waiting. I haven’t seen her since November. It’s nice receiving a present, but putting the time into choosing something special for a family member or a friend is satisfying too. Making family smile will make you smile too. I tell you, smiles are infectious.

In a way, smiling is selfish. Every time you smile, you feel happier. Every time you make someone else smile, you catch the smile right back, doubling your happy. So go on. Be selfish. Get out there and infect everyone with some happy. What can you do to make someone smile today?