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Ooops – GOYBADS update


I appear to be a little behind on my GOYBADS updates. There I was, so very proud of myself in January for getting all my intended aims accomplished in a matter of days.

So I planned out my February GOYBADS with a sense of optimism.

Then that darn old thing called life, motherhood and everything else got in the way. This is what I aimed to do –

GOYBADS 1 – create a film.

GOYBADS 2 – sell!

GOYBADS 3 – complete some coursework.

GOYBADS 4 – work, work, work.

Well – I started sorting out the family videos. And I discovered that over the last 6 or so years we have taken a lot of footage. That will, I think, be an ongoing project.

I have done work. A lot of it.

As for the rest. I guess that takes care of choosing some aims for March.


How you all doing?


February GOYBADS

January was a success. My list was completed. It’s time for the February GOYBADS list (if you have no idea what I am on about, this will explain it all)

1. Do you have lots of little clips of video of the kids, the dog, your mum’s sixtieth, your mate’s hen night? Now we have mobile phones with video capability, I seem to have loads of mini films which I take, download to my computer and forget.

So, this month I am going to piece it all together into a long film and see what there is. After all – what is the point of taking recording memories if you never look at them?

GOYBADS 1 – create a film.

2. Ebay the clutter. Seriously, I have a growing pile of kids toys, outgrown clothes, shoes, wellies, a pram . . . it’s time to stop building my mountain and start selling it. Ebay, car boot. Whatever it takes, that pile is going!

Oh – and the money I make, that will be going too. On decorating the living room. Add that one to March!

GOYBADS 2 – sell!

Of course, there are the regulars –

GOYBADS 3 – complete some coursework.

GOYBADS 4 – work, work, work.

So – that will do for now!


September Resolutions

September Resolutions – a phrase a friend used and I have shamelessly stolen! We all know what New Year Resolutions are. But did you know that there is another point in the year when we get the feeling it’s time to re-assess and make new promises to ourselves.

The summer is over – we have hopefully seen the sun, had BBQ’s, eaten pounds of overcooked meat smothered in sauces and wrapped in sesame covered buns, with a small side order of salad to keep in the vitamin quotient. We have sat out late into the warm, hazy evenings drinking wine and Pimm’s. We have excused the months of excess by stating that it’s the summer, it’s holiday season. And after all, we have been zealously dieting in preparation for this time ever since we made that resolution in the New Year!

September is here. The kids are returning to school and that feels like the start of a whole new season. There is a sense of order returning, back to routine and – for us parents – some relief. And as it is a new year in a sense, it’s time to make our September Resolutions.


So – on my list (the rough draft, to which I may yet add some)

1. Yes, it’s back on the diet, since a sneaky 8 pounds got back here since March and is just refusing to budge

2. Giving up smoking – again.

3. Adding to my blog, at least weekly, if not more.

4. Getting down to the business of self-employment.

5. Finishing that coursework.

6. Going swimming with the kids at least once a fortnight.

7. Go off-road jeep driving for a day


Yes, it’s a little mundane. But right now, these are the priorities in my life. Maybe once I know I can finish the little things, I can tackle the big ambitions!

Any September Resolutions to share? Let me know what you want to finish, change or try out?