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My Mini Assignment

I wrote this article for my coursework, but I kinda liked it so I thought I would share it with you too. Plus, it’s about my beautiful Mini, Muffin. 

If you are looking for something with a pinch of spice and stylish cut, but still need the practicality of space that suits a family, then the Mini Countryman is the car for you. How do I know? This is the car I chose for my family after a long search!

Unlike it’s smaller Mini cousins, the Countryman has four doors for accessibility. The back seats can slide forwards for a larger boot space, or backwards for more leg room, but in any position there is still plenty of space for two children in-car seats or three children without – great for those with older kids or bringing friends home for tea.

The high ceiling and upright seats at the front allow plenty of elbow room – a definite improvement on the Mini Coupe. Of course, it’s kitted out with plenty of fun additions, which can be customised dependant on whether you chose to upgrade with the packages Mini offer – Salt, Pepper or Chilli.

Okay, some of the extra’s are frivolous, like the changeable colour lighting dependant on your mood. Others, like the centre rail for attaching additional storage, are entirely useful. I chose the centre armrest with storage compartment, great for car park change and spare pens. In addition the glasses case keeps my sunglasses close at hand and safe from sticky finger marks.

The USB adapter means my iPhone charges while running my sat nav or music and the bluetooth phone connectivity makes taking urgent calls on the move easy and safe. Whilst I don’t recommend chatting away on the motorway, the speakers produce a clear sound on slower roads. I do like my gadgets to be built-in and functional.

Of course, the main benefit of the Countryman over the other Mini’s is storage. The boot has plenty of room for shopping, buggies and even a child’s bike or two. If you are interested in the technicalities, the boot offers from 350 – 1170 litres of space. In other words, that’s one family sized tent, camping stove, cooking gear, sleeping bags and clothes for four, all packed in the boot and still leaving room for 2 children and one dog in the back.

Aside from functionality, the selling point for me though was the sense of fun and style all the way through from looks to driveability. Your people carriers might offer more storage compartments and the Chelsea tractor might be beefier all round, but none of them have the looks or individuality of a Mini. While I needed a car that was suitable for a family, I wanted something that was still about me as a person, not just a mum. I feel I have got all that in my Mini Countryman – and more.

Mini bring out new designs all the time – the newest addition to the range, the Mini Paceman, is basically a 2 door Countryman pitched as a sportier version with sloping Coupe roof. Take a look at their Facebook page for regularly updated pictures to compare the two.


Daily Prompt: Burning down the house

OK – A quickie. I just couldn’t resists today’s Daily Prompt.

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?


Seriously? My home on is fire! The kids, the cat, dog, hubby (in no particular order of priority) are safe. (I am assuming no one is bothered about the fish. Their tank is to heavy to lift and they have the greatest chance of survival, being surrounded by water and all that.)

What did I grab?

1. Pants.

I mean, the place will shortly be rubble and there could be a lot of people turning up to gawk – hopefully with water as well. I need to be wearing some clothes!

2. iPhone.

Well, if I want those people to turn up and bring their water, I need a phone to call them. Right?


I am not sure there is anything else I particularly need enough to stay in the flames rummaging about, but presuming of course I have the time…


3. My portable hard drive. 

It has my work, photos, personal docs and life on it. Computers can be replaced but the information on them can’t.

4. The car keys

So I can move the Mini out of the way of careless fire engines and falling masonry. I love my car.

5. Bear and George

Yes, I know that is technically two things. But the kids need their teddies. Some things are just irreplaceable. 




I have a Mini Countryman. I did the research. I peered at other cars. I searched for something that was practical for a cost effective family of four but still looked and felt fun and wasn’t the size of a tank. Then in one weekend I saw my first Mini Countryman, felt a click in my head and went all out to get one.

She’s mine. I am happy with her. I call her Muffin because, yes, she is an oversized Mini with a muffin top. I see her as a progression of Mini from the old fashioned to the modern.

So, actually, I don’t need you miserable old men to come peering at her and looking in my windows in the car park. You can keep your comments to yourself, thank you. ‘It’s not a proper Mini, though, is it?’

Yes actually – she is. Look there, built by Mini! Even has a Mini badge.

After all, I don’t go round poking at the iphone saying ‘It’s not a proper phone though is it!’

old fashioned mobile phone