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A lottery of questions!

I asked whether you were living your dream or whether you even knew what your dream was. What is your ambition in life? Actually, is ambition and your dream the same thing? Or are ambitions tempered by reality?

Which leads me on to my next question – a question I am sure pretty much most of us have pondered at some point.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with it?

Here is your chance to live your dream the easy way. All expenses paid. But what if you don’t know what your dream is?

Do you move out to a large, personally designed house on a private beach in a hot country, complete with pool and porsche? Then what? What would you do all day? It sounds fabulous – at first. But surely it would become a little mundane day in, day out with nothing to do all day but sunbathe.

Do you travel and see all of the wonders of the world? Between travels, where would you stay? Do you need a home base? Who would you go with? Are you going to pay to take friends and family, or travel alone? What about children – can you travel for months at a time when your children need a home life and routine?

We read about lottery winners who say that the money won’t change them. They stay in their flats and carry on going to their factory jobs. Why? What was their dream? I wonder, if they are not going to make any changes to their lives, were they already living their dream? So why did they enter the lottery in the first place?

Other winners take their money and waste it in years of partying and splurging. Was that their ambition, to live a rockstar lifestyle without the actual work (rockstars have to make their money working too, you know)? Maybe it was not knowing what their dream was that made them fritter all that potential away?

If you won the lottery – what would you do with the money?


What is your dream? What did you sacrifice?

I read a wonderful post just now by Lesley Carter – Independently Wealthy, Right? She has done an amazing and rare thing in grabbing hold of her dream and making it a reality. Lesley has worked hard, saved and done what she needed to in order to see the world and have exciting adventures.

What is more amazing is that she has taken her family, her husband and child, with her on this ride rather than doing it at the expense of one or the other. Visit her blog, you will see what I mean.

It makes me wonder – what is your dream? Do you actually know?

Life is about making choices. I was discussing this with another mum just this afternoon, as we took some time out from our daily routine of house renovation (my friend) and sitting in the dining room/library working (me) to sneak in a club sandwich and J2O.

We agreed that we had had a wonderful time at university, drinking and partying and piling up debt for three years. We also agreed that we both came out with fairly useless degrees (Philosophy and English, between us) which helped not one bit in getting our dream career. Our children would do it differently, we decided. They needed to go in with an idea of what they wanted to be in life so they could study for their future job.

Looking at this desire for our offspring to get on though, is a little harsh in a number of ways. Firstly – we had fun at university but we want our children to work hard. A little unfair perhaps?

Secondly, it seems we expect our children to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives at 18, so that they can finish school and head off to university with a clear view of the adult they were going to be. Or, as my friend said, go and get a job for a while so they could learn about the reality of work, before going to university as a mature student.

Thirdly, it also implies that we are unhappy with the lives we currently lead. Dissatisfied with the choices we made that led us to who we are now.

As always, reality is never this straightforward.

After all, I am now 35 – and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

I don’t know what my dream career would be, although I think I have been getting closer to an answer in this last year.

If I did, would I go out and grab it though? How many changes would I make to my life?

So tell me – what is your dream? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Are you living your dream now and did you have to sacrifice anything to do it?