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Bucket List Update – November 2012

In September I made a bucket list of resolutions. This is just a brief look back to see what I have achieved so far.


The dreaded diet – well, it’s ongoing. I am back on the Cambridge Diet and I am past the nasty 3 day mark. Even though the weight is not yet dropping off I already feel healthier and fitter. I read an interesting blog earlier which implied that a ketosis based diet was good for the brain as the energy the body was producing passed from blood stream to brain easier that energy produced from carbohydrates and sugars. (I have probably confused the science of it) I don’t know if tis is true or accurate but certainly I am more aware, more awake, on this diet.

If anyone knows whether this is scientifically correct, I would be interested to know more?


In addition, it is now 61 days since my last cigarette. Not a huge number, but I am pleased.


I am writing more and more and contributing to my blog. Whether it goes well or not is probably down to you, the reader, to decide. But I am writing and that was the aim.


Just a few more things to work on then before it’s time to think about New Year resolutions. If I choose to make any, that is.

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The diet

So – the diet!

It’s New Year and half the women in the country are starting a new diet. Strictly speaking, I am not! I began my diet in July last year, the same time I decided I needed to give up smoking and find a healthier me. And I did – July to December, 3 stone gone. So, a few weeks off in December, over indulgence for Christmas and a superb hangover for New Year and it’s time for Step 2. Shift that last stone, reach the target.

I am doing the Cambridge Diet – complete meal replacement and a very low calorie intake. It’s extreme maybe – a lot of people will tell you it is unhealthy and that once you stop it will all come back. Everyone has an opinion and everyone feels it is their job to share it with you – although the same is true of most diets. Mention the word, and it seems not only has everyone heard of it and tried it, they are all experts in it too.

Still, I like it. Here’s why. Low calorie or calorie counting diets require you to watch what you eat and when you have eaten the full portion, you have to stop. This takes restraint, will power, determination – all those things that we binge eaters do not have.Because if we did – we would not be binge eaters. Plus it seems that no matter what they say, I am still hungry. And all these healthy recipes and portion control options require time taken to prepare, cook and shop ahead – something that when I am hungry, I do not have the time of patience to do. Snacking and browsing, that’s what I do.

But with the Cambridge Diet I have quick, easy and ready to prepare meals – boil a kettle, pour in the mix and my soup is ready. Grab the mixer, fill a cup and here is a shake. Out and about, eat a bar. How much easier could it be? And the aim is to cut out carbs altogether. Now I am not going to go into the science – I would get it wrong. But 3 days of no carbs and you enter ketosis – no more hungry!

Whats better, the weight comes off quickly. Its motivating and it helps to keep my interest. I feel healthy, fit and energetic.

But, you know what is better. One stone to go, one little stone and then I am at target and it’s time to learn how to eat. Because that is the key. It’s not about losing the weight, if you then go back to troughing through the fridge, browsing the cupboards and shovelling in sweeties until they are all gone. It’s about restraint – eating till you are full and stopping, even if the plate is not empty. All those things I am not great at. Well – now is as good a day to learn as any!