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Mummy flu.

Wake up, head pounding. Sinuses are throbbing. Breathing is hard.

Forcing my body out of bed, into motion. Trousers on, t-shirt pulled over aching head. Tramp downstairs to let dog outside. Wellies on, trudging through the mud, hunched up against the driving rain.

Chickens jump squawking from their house. Fill pellet holder, check their water, trudge back to the house, dog jumping up my leg, sloughing muddy paws across trousers.

Mini Monster 2 comes downstairs, shouting as he comes. ‘Milk mummy. Want breakfast. Milk. Milk. Milk.’

Place bowl on table filled with cheerios and milk. More milk in a cup with a straw. MM2 starts to eat, dripping milk and wheat circles across the table and his knees on the journey to his mouth.

Mini Monster 1 wanders in quietly. ‘I’m hungry’.

Weetabix in a bowl with milk, splash of sugar. Drag chair closer to table, MM1 eats.

The cat miaows.

Squeeze lumps of sticky, drippy meat product from a sachet. Shuffle through to the hall, place plastic bowl on the floor, stroke cat from head to tip of tail.

Respond to demand to provide MM1 with yoghurt.

Flick kettle on.

Pour water onto lemsip. Sit down, relax backwards. Acknowledge drumming in head and stuffed ache running across my face.

MM2 requests a yoghurt. With emphasis on requests.

The dog whines.

Mr G enters the kitchen.

Time passes in a dozy haze. Sausage and egg, dosed in ketchup, held between bread. Placed in my lap.

Scoop dry, coloured shapes into the dog’s bowl.

The clock ticks. MM2 slides through the doorway. ‘Want food. Want biscuits. Want food mummy.’

Back to the kitchen, shoulders heavy, head down. Bread, cheese, cucumber, no butter. MM1. Bread, butter, no filling. MM2. Salt and vinegar crisps. MM1. Quavers. MM2. Fizzy water. MM1. Tap water. MM2.

More lemsip.

Remove the plastic cat bowl from the dog’s bed before she crunches through the plastic completely.

Waiting for 6pm.

Cottage pie and green peas. Cake and milk for the children.

No more meals to provide. Mummy chores complete. Bed calls.

The cat miaows.

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A moment of appreciation

Well, I am currently laid up in bed with the flu. On Wednesday I had a bit of a head cold. By Thursday I was snotty and feeling generally rubbish. Friday came, the cold appeared to go and with it went my energy, my ability to move, think or eat. Unfortunately, some things have to be done, we don’t have time to be ill. So I got the kids dressed and fed, took Kid 1 to school, put Kid 2 in front of the TV with a large packet of biscuits and lay back on the sofa to sleep until pick up time.

By the time Mr G got home from work I was ready to cry, except I couldnt muster the effort to make my tear ducts work. I crawled off to my pit and stayed there all evening and night, apart from the trips to the bathroom as my stomach joined in the rebellion my body was staging.

Now the point of this is, well, two things.

1. My Husband.

You could say that he was only doing what we would expect from a husband, looking after his poorly wife and taking over the management of the kids for the evening. And today, while he has cleaned out the chickens, fed and watered the puppy, sorted the children’s breakfast and started the Saturday clean up of the house and washing piles, he has also brought me breakfast in bed, coffee and pills.

And let’s not forget that Friday was his birthday. He cut short his pub trip to come home for me and we have cancelled the babysitter and the fancy restaurant I had booked. So, let’s take a few minutes to appreciate those closest to us who we can rely on when we need a bit of extra help.

2. Time out

OK, the circumstances are not the best. I am laid up in bed alternating between hot and cold, the room and the screen are zooming in and out of focus as my body appears to be sending alternating messages to my brain . . . ‘I’m ok’ ‘Oh, I feel rough’ ‘Nope, I’m ok again’. …

But it does occur to me that this is the first morning lay in I have had in a very long time. In fact, the last time I didn’t have to get up and attend to a child or provide for a demanding pet was, well I don’t recall actually.

So I am very behind on the month’s work and I know when I crawl out of my pit there will be a lot of things that need catching up on. However, I am having some time out to do a bit of tapping away on my keyboard and some reading. I might even watch some TV. Actuallly, right now I might go back to sleep, the body has just drained again.

Time out – it’s rare and appreciated.