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Project Optimism – Be Happy

I’m tired, it’s late. I have been slogging my – well my fingertips off all day tapping away on my laptop, clearing my workload as today is my end of month for March.

I did it. I got the last piece done – as always.

So now I have time to relax and catch up on some blogs, do some writing, watch some Buffy – and I can’t. I am just bombed. K-nackered. Fried.

But it is Monday.

And you should know by now what that means!

So here is my pop list for today of reasons to be happy.

– My month ended early. This means, despite a rush to complete everything and 4 days of solid stress – my day off came early too. Yay – Buffyfest and writing day tomorrow.

– I finished reading The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me with MM1 tonight, we are going on to George’s Marvellous Medicine tomorrow. Fab – MM1 finally appreciates the amazing Mr Dahl.

– Recipe of the week begins this week – I’ll tell you more about that another time!

– I can go to bed now and have an early cuddle with Mr G!

Hope you all had a happy Monday!


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Why I am watching Buffy

This post could go two ways. I could pontificate on the underlying feminist theme exposed in the recent vampire film fad. Or I could tell you why I am enjoying Buffy the Vampire Slayer right now.

The first way, which seems to be quite a popular running theme all over the internet, is to take the feminist high road. Buffy is a kick arse, strong willed woman who takes no crap from her sometimes good, sometimes evil vampire lover, even so far as to sticking him in the heart when necessary to save the world. She is pretty, funny, savvy and has mood swings. A real woman (in so far as a fictional vampire slaying character can be a real woman).

Oh – and the vampires are evil, dark, ugly – well, proper nasty.

Then there is that other one – Twilight or Breaking Down or whatever it’s called. I saw the first film a few years ago. I haven’t watched the rest. (I intend to – when I have spare time and nothing remotely more interesting to do, just so as I know what I’m slating).

However I have seen a lot of reviews which go on about how the girlie in it is a weak willed little girl who is stalked by her boyfriend, let’s him give her orders and make decisions for her and basically is a role model for all future doormats of domineering men and potential victims of domestic violence. (I really need to watch the films and see what the furore is all about.)

What I didn’t like, though, were a few minor details that I think were wrong – just so wrong. Let’s start with the obvious. Those vampires went to school. In the daylight. I mean – would you? I ask you! Potentially immortal supernatural with super strength and speed, with a penchant for munching on nubile young people. Yet they not only spend all day every day voluntarily doing chemistry and extra maths homework, they don’t get the urge to snack either. It would be like working in a chocolate factory, unpaid, and never taking a single nibble.

Secondly. They glittered. They sparkled. What is that all about? This actually offends me on behalf of all vampires out there.

In fact, it was these issues that leads me on to the second direction for this post.

My niece and my friends daughter are approaching that worrying age – teenagerdoom. With that they are experiencing boys, bitchy girls, bullying, friendships and all the other scary emotional crap that life can chuck at our young people in school these days.

Of course, they are desperate to watch Twilight. It’s the fad. So we caring grownups discussed it on our daily fix the world/resolve the parenting issues/dog walk and decided that they could watch the simpering ninny in Twilight if they watched Buffy as well. Give them a taste of a strong willed woman and balanced point of view.

Which led to me digging out my DVD’s. Because I actually have (I admit it) the entire box set series for Buffy. (A few of the Angel series too – you know, the early ones before it lost the plot.)

So, the reason I am watching all of the Buffy series again. Even now, about 13 years or so after watching the first ones – I love them. Funny, witty, heartbreaking, action packed, romantic – Buffy and the Scooby gang went through all of the issues that face teenagers with humour and provided a lesson each time – whether it be how to respond to bitchiness or why you shouldn’t go to your teacher’s after school in case she is a praying mantis.

Yes, I am watching Buffy because it is entertaining. Somewhere along the line, deeper meanings and political viewpoints aside, I am fairly certain that that was the original aim. To entertain.

Plus she had a pretty cool long red leather coat. I still want one.

Am I alone in this? What programs did you watch years ago that you still love to watch now?