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Project Optimism – School is in Session!

I started today’s post completely differently. It began as a rather long winded panic about how many commitments I have on right now and descended into a rant.

I deleted that one. Boring.

So, instead of focusing on the things that need to be done let’s look at the positives.

We have had a four day weekend, thanks to the snow. We had sledging time. Snowball fights. We made snowmen – and a snow lady with oversized breasts (don’t ask!). My family and I have caught snowflakes on our tongues and made snow angels. We have sat in front of the fire with hot chocolate and played PS games. It’s been a happy weekend, full of family time.

I am however optimistic that school will be open tomorrow.

Like most parents, much as I love having my children home with me, I appreciate the time that they go to school and the calm descends on the house. I am looking forward to a return to normality.

Snow, I have decided, is much like camping. Two days of it are great, three days are tiring. Four days are too much!


This post is written as part of Project Optimism. You can find out more here or see some great contributions here and here

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September Blues

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Two of the main symptoms are a low mood and a lack of interest in life . . . 

Changes seem to just get us down, or is it actually a response to the end of a climactic time of year . . .  I have noticed the signs amongst my friends right now, the September Blues are here.

I love Christmas, the whole shebang. I love choosing presents for friends and family, and despite the backache I get every year from hunching up on the floor over rolls of paper and sellotape, I like wrapping them too. I have a picture in my head of my family sitting round the roaring fire, festooned with garlands and smelling of cinnamon, drinking hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) and eating hilariously shaped festive cookies. We will of course be playing games – there will be cuddles and laughter and singing of carols. Then extended family and favoured friends will come by for mulled wine and mince pies and stay for a luxurious Christmas dinner. That’s the image I see and I try every year to make happen.

Of course, every Christmas is a little more stressful, a little less ‘movie magic’. After all the running about, monumental cleaning effort involved before family comes to stay, decorating the house, extracting tinsel from the cat and baubles from the dog, a day of cooking  . . .  well, you know how it is.

And then there is a brief period of stasis and, it’s all over, New Year comes and goes and I feel a little bit SAD. The start of a new year of work is upon us – it’s back to the routine.

But all is not lost, there is another phase of excitement coming up, because I start to plan for the summer! Dieting, holiday searching, planning getaways and events, BBQ’s and late night wine drinking under the moonlight.

School’s break up and again there is a picture in my head. This time it’s of boiling hot summer days, picnics with the kids in a meadow of long grass and dandelions, a bubbling brook nearby (What is a bubbling brook, exactly? After all, if I saw a stream frothing and bubbling away I would be concerned about imminent volcano eruptions and gas leakages). Lounging in the garden while the Mess Machines are jumping in and out of their paddling pool. Skipping merrily, hand in hand, down the yellow brick paving  . . .

And then, that’s over. School term is here, the uniform shopping frenzy is complete, I have compared the cost of school shoes in disgust, I and all mums everywhere breath deeply and say how nice it is to send them back to school and have some peace. And within a day, or at least the first week, there we are, back into our routine and along comes that feeling of SAD.

Oh well – fifteen weeks to Christmas!


September Resolutions

September Resolutions – a phrase a friend used and I have shamelessly stolen! We all know what New Year Resolutions are. But did you know that there is another point in the year when we get the feeling it’s time to re-assess and make new promises to ourselves.

The summer is over – we have hopefully seen the sun, had BBQ’s, eaten pounds of overcooked meat smothered in sauces and wrapped in sesame covered buns, with a small side order of salad to keep in the vitamin quotient. We have sat out late into the warm, hazy evenings drinking wine and Pimm’s. We have excused the months of excess by stating that it’s the summer, it’s holiday season. And after all, we have been zealously dieting in preparation for this time ever since we made that resolution in the New Year!

September is here. The kids are returning to school and that feels like the start of a whole new season. There is a sense of order returning, back to routine and – for us parents – some relief. And as it is a new year in a sense, it’s time to make our September Resolutions.


So – on my list (the rough draft, to which I may yet add some)

1. Yes, it’s back on the diet, since a sneaky 8 pounds got back here since March and is just refusing to budge

2. Giving up smoking – again.

3. Adding to my blog, at least weekly, if not more.

4. Getting down to the business of self-employment.

5. Finishing that coursework.

6. Going swimming with the kids at least once a fortnight.

7. Go off-road jeep driving for a day


Yes, it’s a little mundane. But right now, these are the priorities in my life. Maybe once I know I can finish the little things, I can tackle the big ambitions!

Any September Resolutions to share? Let me know what you want to finish, change or try out?