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My name is Piper and I have a drinking problem!

I think I may have a drinking problem.

There, I said it.

I have been fighting against this for a few months, maybe even a year or so, but I have come to accept that I have a problem with alcohol.

My problem is …

Gah, it hurts me to write it. Let me just check there is no one about, shut the door, type quietly . . .

The problem is – I don’t really enjoy being drunk anymore.

There. I said it.

Take last night for example. We had our neighbours over. Mr G went out to get supplies – cider, a box of wine (we succumbed to buying boxes rather than bottles when we realised it was so much more fun not knowing where the end was. Drinking bottles is rather like having punctuation in your evening – once you reach the end you feel it’s sensible to stop instead of opening another bottle for just one more).

We settled down with our opening drinks when my friend said that they had had a hell of a week and just wanted to go for it. So I started mixing cocktails – I make a wicked Mudslide! Mr Neighbour is not usually a big spirit drinker but he was necking back cocktails like there was no tomorrow. It must have been a really shitty week for him.

Usually I’m the first one there with my straw ready to mix my spirits. My new favourite is Peach Schnapps and Lilt! What a gorgeous, refreshing, beach inspired cocktail. But last night I just kept thinking about the pile of work waiting for me to do today.

This from the girl who once went drinking till 3 am before turning up for work as a lifeguard at 5 am for a full shift! I knew there was a problem then when I walked into the Leisure Centre and aimed for the staffroom on the right, but ended up in the (closed) cafe on the left! I warn you now, if the lifeguards in your local pool are students, chances are they are standing up purely due to the wall they are holding on to!

Recently though I’ve noticed that when I’ve had a skinful I just don’t sleep that well. I wake up through the night with stomach pains, bloating. My legs cramp, my shoulders ache. It’s as if my entire body spends the whole night’s sleep as tense as possible in anticipation of the smack-me-down headache that’s coming up with the rise of the sun! I just don’t enjoy hangovers anymore.

OK – I know not many people love their hangovers. But it used to be a chance to curl up on the sofa with chocolate, tea and watch movies all day – like a self-induced sick day but with a feeling of accomplishment. A lot of the fun of a hangover was taken away when the kids were born – they just didn’t get that changing nappies and doing feeds at 7 am is not fun with a hangover.

So yeah, I admit it. I have got up today with 3 kids, the neighbours child having crashed out here last night while her parents staggered home. I have put the night’s destruction away, the dishwasher is going,  I have a coffee and I have sat down to work. I feel OK- and I am happy that I had a good night without the hangover in the morning. Clearly there is something wrong with me. I have a drinking problem. I just don’t know what the cure is yet!

(I know what you could be thinking. You might suggest, imply or submit that this is age related. It is not. I warn you. Do not go there!)

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Fear of the Internet

When Sackgirl started school I thought I would be an involved mum and try to be part of the school community! So I went along to a few PTFA meetings. In a dingy local pub one night I was introduced to five women, four of whom were parents at the school and one stern elderly lady who was head of the WI and clearly also ran the whole village.

These ladies were doing a great job of keeping the school full of events and cake stalls. But talk about a clique. This group had been together for a few years and they were not keen on new ideas!  They bemoaned the fact no other parents would help and then dismissed every suggestion I came up with. Especially when I mentioned that their communication was abysmal (tact was leaving the room by then, I was pretty frustrated) and suggested some sort of webpage or facebook group.

You would think I had walked into the local church, stood on the altar and announced we were going to be inviting in the devil. Shock, horror, distaste and a fair few sneers got thrown my way. ‘We don’t need that sort of thing,’ I was told. I gave up.

Roll on 3 years, those ladies all quit en mass for whatever reason and the PTFA was left empty, abandoned. The Christmas Fayre was in jeopardy. It was a crisis. And because I just cannot stop sticking my nose in where I really should back away quietly until I can flee round the nearest corner, because when I see a problem I want to fix it, because I really don’t have enough to do with a full time home working business and two kids – I volunteered.

Three of us did, in fact. You have to have three. A Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. I actually took on  Treasurer, because some small shred of sanity did kick in and say ‘You do not have time to be in school every week arranging cake sales and making pancakes with the kids.’

Unfortunately, it was only us three. Other parents, either used to not being wanted by the previous clique or because they just couldn’t be arsed, just didn’t seem interested. So this time I just went ahead without asking. I set up a Facebook group and page for our school PTFA. Then I went to see the Headmistress to explain to her why I thought it was a great idea for communication and to get the other parents involved.

I met more resistance. ‘The parents will slag off the school and complain about us.’ ‘It’s very open to abuse.’ ‘It’s not secure.’ ‘Facebook – I’m not sure.’


Fear of the internet, because we all know that it can be used ‘the wrong way’. It’s true that there are some sick, perverted people out there who prey on our children using the internet.

It’s true there have been incidences where kids have bullied each other online, in some cases so extremely that children have ended up emotionally harmed or hurting themselves physically.

There have been incidences, locally, where parents have slated and bullied each other and teachers online, causing emotional harm and distress to other adults. Teachers have resigned, lost their jobs, lost their sense of worth and joy in a career that made them want to work with our children in the first place. That is beyond sad. I wonder sometimes how we humans became so hateful to each other that we want to destroy each others happiness.

All of these issues were cited by the Headmistress as reasons why we should not use the internet for communication. They can be valid points. But I think this is also fear talking. Not fully understanding the tool we are using and so not putting in the safety measures that keep us safe.

To me the internet is a tool. It can be used for great good as well. Charities and fundraisers have found they can spread the word of what they are doing much faster and to a wider audience through use of the internet. Communication is visual, a picture speaks a thousand words.

The internet can be used for education. It has enabled thousands of people who were housebound or friendless to find friends, to leave their homes and meet people, albeit virtually. The internet has changed our lives in so many ways, some bad, for sure. But there can be so many benefits from it as well, we just have to use it in the right way.

As it is, I explained the safety measures we would be using – a secure group, invite only, moderators, guidelines for use, no children – she settled down. The main point I made was that our parents could not be bothered to get involved and come along to meetings, but the majority of them do use Facebook. Putting our information on there delivers it directly to their eyeballs (provided we can get them to sign up) and maybe a few more will decided to offer up ideas and join in. Because frankly, if they didn’t, our PTFA was dead on the water.

Which means no more funds for the school.

Silly me – always mention the money first! After that, she caved much faster.

The fear of the internet remains though. I succumbed myself just recently, suddenly wondering whether it was safe to be putting pictures of my kids on my blog. It’s a sad thing that this wonderful tool can be used so badly some dregs of humanity that it makes us fear to use it at all.

But as it is here to stay, I think it is a vital part of everyone’s education now – how to use the internet safely should be a mandatory lesson in schools and one given to all parents. What do you think?

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A chocolate making experience

This weekend I had a great mummy/daughter day out. My mum and I had booked a truffle making lesson for a joint Christmas present – the first 2 attempts were cancelled thanks to the snow so it was with some trepidation we got up this Saturday, expecting to find another freak weather change had cancelled our weekend yet again.

Luckily, this time round the weather . . .

Carry on Reading


Scary new steps

A little over a year ago I took my first steps into opening my very own little piece of the world and started this blog.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, what I was going to write about or where to start. Here it is, my very first post.

To be fair – much of that is still true. I don’t know what I’m doing, what I am going to write about next . . . but I am going off to my next new start.

I really hope you will all come with me 

Yep, I am taking the step towards self-hosting.

I’ve bought the domain, reserved the webspace, found the host (check me out, I’m learning all sorts of new things today) and downloaded the software.

Now I just need to understand how to connect the software and transfer all of this – to there.

In case I lose you on the way, it’s easy to find me.

Hopefully very soon you can find me at

Or follow me on Twitter

Or find me on Facebook

See – I’m like a flea, I get everywhere.



Project Optimism – Be Happy

I’m tired, it’s late. I have been slogging my – well my fingertips off all day tapping away on my laptop, clearing my workload as today is my end of month for March.

I did it. I got the last piece done – as always.

So now I have time to relax and catch up on some blogs, do some writing, watch some Buffy – and I can’t. I am just bombed. K-nackered. Fried.

But it is Monday.

And you should know by now what that means!

So here is my pop list for today of reasons to be happy.

– My month ended early. This means, despite a rush to complete everything and 4 days of solid stress – my day off came early too. Yay – Buffyfest and writing day tomorrow.

– I finished reading The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me with MM1 tonight, we are going on to George’s Marvellous Medicine tomorrow. Fab – MM1 finally appreciates the amazing Mr Dahl.

– Recipe of the week begins this week – I’ll tell you more about that another time!

– I can go to bed now and have an early cuddle with Mr G!

Hope you all had a happy Monday!


This post has been written for Project Optimism. To read some other fabulous posts try this one all about flamingos or take a look at some snotsicles





Ooops – GOYBADS update


I appear to be a little behind on my GOYBADS updates. There I was, so very proud of myself in January for getting all my intended aims accomplished in a matter of days.

So I planned out my February GOYBADS with a sense of optimism.

Then that darn old thing called life, motherhood and everything else got in the way. This is what I aimed to do –

GOYBADS 1 – create a film.

GOYBADS 2 – sell!

GOYBADS 3 – complete some coursework.

GOYBADS 4 – work, work, work.

Well – I started sorting out the family videos. And I discovered that over the last 6 or so years we have taken a lot of footage. That will, I think, be an ongoing project.

I have done work. A lot of it.

As for the rest. I guess that takes care of choosing some aims for March.


How you all doing?


Spring is in the air – it is, it is!

I couldn't see the chickens this morning

I couldn’t see the chickens this morning










So apparently it’s Spring. At this time of the year the grass is green, the flowers are sprouting –

I looked everywhere for a clue.

In the chicken run.


The chickens were not convinced

The chickens were not convinced












The chickens were not convinced.

So I searched on through the trees.

Trees, laden with spring snow?

Trees, laden with spring snow?












The trees did not seem to be budding in a particularly spring like fashion.

I look on into the field.

Is that grass I see before me?

Is that grass I see before me?












I almost tripped over the Mini




















But at last I found some signs that Spring is really here!




Why I am watching Buffy

This post could go two ways. I could pontificate on the underlying feminist theme exposed in the recent vampire film fad. Or I could tell you why I am enjoying Buffy the Vampire Slayer right now.

The first way, which seems to be quite a popular running theme all over the internet, is to take the feminist high road. Buffy is a kick arse, strong willed woman who takes no crap from her sometimes good, sometimes evil vampire lover, even so far as to sticking him in the heart when necessary to save the world. She is pretty, funny, savvy and has mood swings. A real woman (in so far as a fictional vampire slaying character can be a real woman).

Oh – and the vampires are evil, dark, ugly – well, proper nasty.

Then there is that other one – Twilight or Breaking Down or whatever it’s called. I saw the first film a few years ago. I haven’t watched the rest. (I intend to – when I have spare time and nothing remotely more interesting to do, just so as I know what I’m slating).

However I have seen a lot of reviews which go on about how the girlie in it is a weak willed little girl who is stalked by her boyfriend, let’s him give her orders and make decisions for her and basically is a role model for all future doormats of domineering men and potential victims of domestic violence. (I really need to watch the films and see what the furore is all about.)

What I didn’t like, though, were a few minor details that I think were wrong – just so wrong. Let’s start with the obvious. Those vampires went to school. In the daylight. I mean – would you? I ask you! Potentially immortal supernatural with super strength and speed, with a penchant for munching on nubile young people. Yet they not only spend all day every day voluntarily doing chemistry and extra maths homework, they don’t get the urge to snack either. It would be like working in a chocolate factory, unpaid, and never taking a single nibble.

Secondly. They glittered. They sparkled. What is that all about? This actually offends me on behalf of all vampires out there.

In fact, it was these issues that leads me on to the second direction for this post.

My niece and my friends daughter are approaching that worrying age – teenagerdoom. With that they are experiencing boys, bitchy girls, bullying, friendships and all the other scary emotional crap that life can chuck at our young people in school these days.

Of course, they are desperate to watch Twilight. It’s the fad. So we caring grownups discussed it on our daily fix the world/resolve the parenting issues/dog walk and decided that they could watch the simpering ninny in Twilight if they watched Buffy as well. Give them a taste of a strong willed woman and balanced point of view.

Which led to me digging out my DVD’s. Because I actually have (I admit it) the entire box set series for Buffy. (A few of the Angel series too – you know, the early ones before it lost the plot.)

So, the reason I am watching all of the Buffy series again. Even now, about 13 years or so after watching the first ones – I love them. Funny, witty, heartbreaking, action packed, romantic – Buffy and the Scooby gang went through all of the issues that face teenagers with humour and provided a lesson each time – whether it be how to respond to bitchiness or why you shouldn’t go to your teacher’s after school in case she is a praying mantis.

Yes, I am watching Buffy because it is entertaining. Somewhere along the line, deeper meanings and political viewpoints aside, I am fairly certain that that was the original aim. To entertain.

Plus she had a pretty cool long red leather coat. I still want one.

Am I alone in this? What programs did you watch years ago that you still love to watch now?


Daily Prompt – I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

I seem to have had a day of writing today – which is great. Well, from the writing side, not so much from the work side. Anyway, then I saw today’s Daily Prompt on Impossibility and I had to have a go.

So – six impossible things I believe in.

1. Dragons.

I love dragons. I totally believe in dragons. I believe that they existed once – else why would they appear in various guises in so many cultures and mythologies across the world. I remember arguing with my older brothers as a child while they mocked me for saying dragons did exist. “How come no one has ever seen one then?” they would say. “How do you know they haven’t, just because you haven’t” I would counter. OK – not the most sophisticated argument. I was very young.

2. Magic

I did read somewhere that scientifically dragons could not exist or fly as their body weight was just too much for their wings to support. Hello! Magic. Dragons are magical beings, they clearly use their magic to fly. And to hide from humanity. Which explains why we don’t see them about.

Cultures throughout the world refer to mystical powers. Well, why not? Five hundred years ago or so we thought the world was flat, but now we think we know it all?

3. Fairies

Do you remember the scene from Peter Pan when Tinkerbell appears to be dead? Peter Pan starts to chant “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.” The Lost Boys join in and Tinkerbell recovers. OK, I know it’s a movie, but I do love that particular bit for the force of the belief it portrays.

So – I do believe in fairies. Not so much the twinkly little things living at the bottom of the garden. But fairies, elves, sprites, gremlins – the fae. Well why not? How arrogant are we to believe that humans are all that exist in this world? Existed, at least. Whether they are still about, whether they have survived in hiding or have melded with the hunan race, who knows? But again, myth must have some basis in truth.

4. Ok, running out of ideas here, so let’s see . . . the more mundane perhaps

This diet will work.

Yes – this time, I will get the weight off (I can do it, I have done before). This time though, I will keep it off.

5. I will finish my coursework and get a job as a writer somehow.

6. My kids will get ready for school this morning without moaning!


Nah – that last one is far too impossible, it can’t be done.


My zombie weekend.

Here it is – the trailer / teaser for the movie Wasteland. This is how I spent my Sunday. Please feel free to share the movie trailer far and wide.


Link here to the trailer. 


This is the blurb for all you zombie movie lovers. (Link to the facebook page here)

WASTELAND, a story of man’s journey as he fights to survive, to find hope, to find purpose within this new world.

Wasteland is a feature film that is scheduled to be shot in 2012. It’s a collaborative project written by Tommy Draper, designed by Sophie Black, directed by Tom Wadlow, produced by Chrissa Maund with the Director of Photography for the film being Chris Newman and the trailer’s Director of Photography being Neil Oseman.

The aim of the production is to nuture and showcase UK filmmaking and acting talent. Without such small budget productions a lot of talent goes unnoticed, and less high quality big budget films would be produced.

Our motto? Even Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson had to start somewhere.

Plot outline
Scott Miller, a man carving his life out of a world torn apart by an ‘infection’ that has almost totally wiped out the human race. His days are spent finding water, food and avoiding the dangers that lurk outside while he waits for the return of Beth, the love of his life.

WASTELAND, a story of man’s journey as he fights to survive, to find hope, to find purpose within this new world.

What is there left when all hope is gone?

What kind of life is there?

Will Scott give up or will he look for something bigger, will he look for a meaning, will he look for hope?