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Ooops – GOYBADS update



I appear to be a little behind on my GOYBADS updates. There I was, so very proud of myself in January for getting all my intended aims accomplished in a matter of days.

So I planned out my February GOYBADS with a sense of optimism.

Then that darn old thing called life, motherhood and everything else got in the way. This is what I aimed to do –

GOYBADS 1 – create a film.

GOYBADS 2 – sell!

GOYBADS 3 – complete some coursework.

GOYBADS 4 – work, work, work.

Well – I started sorting out the family videos. And I discovered that over the last 6 or so years we have taken a lot of footage. That will, I think, be an ongoing project.

I have done work. A lot of it.

As for the rest. I guess that takes care of choosing some aims for March.


How you all doing?

Author: Piper George

3 thoughts on “Ooops – GOYBADS update

  1. We’ll be doing some spring cleaning before we have guests coming over the first weekend in April. I’m also excited to have made the decision to quit my work-from-home job. After seventeen years of schlepping big boxes of books to the post office, I’m delighted to be giving it up and reclaiming parts of my home. It will be a lot of work to finish it up, but I hope to put it all behind me by the end of next month. Yay for GOYBADS!

    Good luck with your movie making!

  2. It’s going to be a big month for you Piper! Best of luck with the GOYBADS 😀

    I’ll be working working working on getting my house into a livable state for my kids and their partners visit in June. There’ll be 6 of them – It’s going to be YEGADS! I don’t even have a bathroom yet!

    • Wow, you have your work cut out. But every day, every little thing you do will get you one step closer. I’m quite envious of you having a big project to work on. 🙂

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