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I think I finally did it!

I think I finally did it. I do believe I have accomplished challenge number 1 of the New Year. I have finally eaten all of the leftovers.

Yes, it was tough. It has been a struggle to reach the end but I stuck at it. I have to thank my family for their support and even friends for the help they gave at difficult moments.

The turkey was made into pie – we finished that first. The ham became sandwiches. The carcass added to the stock. That in turn created soup, which was a handy place for adding the small remnants of cream and cranberry sauce. Mr G ate the apple pie (it’s his duty, after all). The kids cleared out the chocolates and the dog ate the last of the bubble and squeak (there was definite squeaking from somewhere after all those sprouts).

I have just troughed  daintily dissected the final piece of the rum truffle torte. The decorations came down yesterday and the New Year hangover was beaten into submission last night after putting up a good fight most of the day. That last piece of torte signified the end of the festive period. That is that. All done.


Now, what ever shall we have for dinner tomorrow. I have a sudden craving for vegetables.