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Doompocalypse Redux – DP Challenge


I liked the title, so I stole it.

So the weekly word press challenge is to write about the three most determined changes I want to make to my life and promise sincerely to do each and every one before the world explodes into a cloud of life ending debris in three months time. (A fictional end to the world, in case you were mid heart attack. I do not have foreknowledge or a freaky ancient calendar or mystical abilities.)

I would question here whether, knowing I had three months in which to complete these determined resolutions, I would choose the same three (what is it with that number today) as I would if the world were not ending.

Let’s see – scenario 1. The world is ending in three months.

Resolution 1 – Grab the kids, kidnap the hubbie, spend every moment together doing something fun. Play.

Resolution 2 – Research new recipes, experiment with fabulous new foods, test out tastes never previously explored. Eat.

Resolution 3 – Explore, visit new places, do new activities. Experience.


Of course, realistically if the world was ending most everyone would be doing the same. Quitting work, being with their families. Shops would run out of food in days as people panicked and stockpiled. Chaos would ensue. Still, that was not the point of the challenge. I digress.


Scenario 2 – Reality. My three resolutions for this year.

Resolution 1 – Play with the kids. Spend time with them playing and concentrate more on their school work. Time with children is more important than a clean house. I will have to control my OCD.

Resolution 2 – Cook proper healthy family meals instead of rushing something last minute. Try new recipes. Get my son eating something other than peas and cereal.

Resolution 3 – Finish my course, get on with my career. Find a path.


Not so far off the mark then. World ending or not, it seems family and food are top of my priorities this year.

Author: Piper George

8 thoughts on “Doompocalypse Redux – DP Challenge

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  2. Those are good realistic resolutions. Healthy food/eating is high on our list this year as well.

    • I feel like I make the same resolutions every year! This time last year I was a stone lighter, having lost 4 stone for my wedding. Still, I earned every pound back on and I will work hard now to get every pound back off again! Good luck with your eating plan.

  3. Sounds reasonable, the food thing can be solved by not buying easy food to cook. though in my case, living on casserole is not the most exciting way to eat 🙂 Kids, yes, don’t overlook the fact that it will seem like a few months when they go to university, time flies. What course are you doing?
    I like the tag, General Thoughts, I instantly thought of Major Concerns and Corporal Punishment 😀

    • Oh I know – I worry about time flying by every day. The kids get older and all we seem to do is work and miss them. I am doing a web writing, proofreading, editing course. It’s just too easy to be distracted though. Home learning is all very well, but some deadlines would help me. 😦
      I like the way your mind work – quirky! My general thoughts flit from absurdity to absurdity but I never quite settled on corporal punishment at any point. 😉

      • Quirky? Me? Never 😀
        Actually I could not think of any other word to go with Corporal, there is of course Private Practice, I am almost tempted to write about these guys, it could be entertaining 😀

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