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Blog Hop – a great way to meet new bloggers


This is an entirely new concept for me, but it sounds like fun. I am taking part in a Blog Hop, to discover great new blogs to read.

To participate I need to answer some questions, so here goes  . . .


Who Am I?

I am a mum, a wife. I work part time from home.

I am curious that in describing who I am, I always start with being a mum. That is apparently the most defining thing about being me right now. I am also a youngish woman (I refused to accept that mid-thirties makes me old or even middle-aged, therefore I must be young)  interested in reading, writing and all things wordy. I love to drive.

Why did I start blogging?

Partly because I always feel I have something I want to say, but I don’t know who to say it to. So now I am just putting it out there to see who may want to listen. Partly experience. And now I have started, partly because I cannot stop.

Which post am I most please with?

Gosh, difficult! I felt the most when I wrote this post about my wonderful and much missed nan. I enjoyed writing this one as I found  the whole situation hysterical.

Which post had the most response?

Easily the post I wrote ‘Are weddings a child free zone?’ as it was Freshly Pressed. I was surprised, firstly that it was chosen to be FP’s but also at the variety of opinions I got back in the comments – great to get some feedback and I do like to hear different opinions, so I greatly enjoyed the experience.

Which blogs do I like reading?

I enjoy reading these blogs for different reasons. I’m not going to tell you what they are, I think you should take a look and choose for yourself!


Geeky Book Snob

Emma Wolf

Bucket List Publications



Finally, here is the link to the start of the Blog Hop to get you going!

Author: Piper George

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop – a great way to meet new bloggers

  1. You made me laugh, and you made me cry! That is what I call a great blog.

    And I have found a couple of new blogs too. Thanks for taking part.

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